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August 12, 2010 — Leave a comment

OK! What’s your number?


I’m not asking for your phone number, mobile/cell number or your house number! I’m not even enquiring about your age or bank balance. No, the number I’m asking for is the one that Lee Eisenberg in his book titled “The Number” describes as “a life defining issue” that everyone should get to grips with.

The number is the figure you arrive at as a result of asking yourself  the question – “How much money do I need to secure the rest of my life?”

A short blog post can’t deal with the content of a mind-blowing, life transforming book. A book that UK readers might not even enjoy reading because of it’s American context and references to how people save in the USA.

One of the “bottom lines” Lee Eisenberg ends his book with is “Good financial advice rings true”. Getting good financial advice will not only help you discover your number, but also make sure you achieve it. I enjoyed reading his opening paragraph on good financial advice which I paraphrase like this

”In a time when you can’t turn on your TV, open a newspaper or log into an internet home page without someone offering their opinion on financial matters, how do you turn down the noise so that you can watch your favourite comedy programme in peace? It’s by knowing that someone  trustworthy of experience and solid judgement is keeping an eye on your number

Knowing your number and knowing what to do to achieve your number should be top priorities. Partnering with a trusted adviser should be on top of your to do list!

Check out “The Number” now on Amazon.

Wyn Jones


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