Why 3 circles?

One of the striking things that I have observed is that client objectives, problems, hopes, fears, frustrations and achievements can be explained using three circles. And more often than not, using these three circles brings clarity to confusing circumstances and distracted thinking. The three circles normally transform complicated matters into easy action steps towards a simpler way of thinking and living. It is certainly intriguing how most concepts and courses of action can be explained using three circles.I know many people whose lives are now ‘going to plan’ because they realized the importance of ‘planning’ through an exercise using the three circles. I have clients who have come to terms with their past, are in control of their present and are carving out their future because of a three circles presentation. I have explained how to create money and what to do with it by using three circles.

Using three circles is my means to simplify and explain! If you haven’t got your own system, then I hope one day you’ll adopt mine!

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