The finishing line is ahead … so face forward!

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As always, along with a new year comes talk of a new beginning, a fresh start or a second chance. With this I’m reminded of a talk I gave a few years ago titled “The finishing line is ahead”. Recognising this, the direction we run in order to arrive at the finishing line becomes of paramount importance. The obvious encouragement for everyone as we enter a new year must be to face forward. How else will we progress towards our goal? However in my experience too many people are facing backwards even though they know the finishing line is ahead.

In an exercise that I do using The Three Circles™ programme we discuss and write down some words that describe our past. We do this so that we can decide what to do with the past. The objective is to take ownership of whatever has happened in the past so that our attention and focus is no longer in the past. Our goal is to leave the past in the past so that we learn to face forward.

The result of leaving the past in the past has been transforming to so many people. They don’t have to dismiss the importance of the past, in fact the past becomes a means to carve out a better future. This however can only happen if we stop using the past as our “taskmaster” and start using it and its lessons as a “schoolmaster”

The clients I am most happy dealing with are “future focused”. If they aren’t “future focused” when we begin our relationship with us they develop to be so.

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”

Charles F. Kettering

Question: Is your past in the past?



Wyn Jones


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