I have known Wyn for some 15 years and whilst this was originally in a professional capacity, a strong bond has been established over that time. Wyn is seen today as much as a mentor as a financial adviser and his opinion is one I highly respect and value. His views on matters are creative and innovative and he has the unique capacity to exude calmness, trust and leadership in both everyday and complex professional matters.
Colin D James
Managing Director
James Allen Consultancy

When I first sat down with Wyn the concept of Financial Independence and being able to say yes to early retirement was just that, a hazy concept. With guidance, encouragement and plenty of planning I am now enjoying the freedom that living off personal assets can provide.

When life delivers its blows and support during difficult times is in short supply, it’s always comforting to know there is someone to turn to who can throw a new light on the situation. Wyn is exactly the kind of person who can shed light on what needs attending to and can point me in the direction I need to go in.

Sometimes I prefer to have someone be diplomatic rather than truthful! That is rarely if ever the right course of action. Wyn will always work towards letting the truth surface but manages to do it diplomatically – a rare combination. I have always benefited from having the truth pointed out to me even though it can be unpleasant.

Having someone like Wyn that I can turn to when I loose perspective is worth more than I can put a monetary value on. Something I don’t want to broadcast to loudly in case he increases his fees!

Given that, for the last 15 years, I have been able to turn to Wyn for confidence when mine has dipped, direction when I’m losing my way and a needed dose of optimism when my supply has run out, it says much for someone who has weathered more than his own fair share of storms.

When you are one of life’s worriers and panickers, there aren’t many people you can turn to for confidence and a perspective that makes sense of situations that don’t seem to make sense. Wyn is such a person and I’m always glad he’s there even if I don’t want to hear what he has to say!

We often tell people that we would not be living where we are and enjoying living where we are if we had not been introduced to Wyn over 20 years ago. He was able to show us how we could achieve what we couldn’t believe we could achieve, give us confidence that we could achieve it and has remained our first port of call whenever we need guidance or support ever since.
Petrina and Kelvin