Secrets that are not secrets

August 3, 2010 — Leave a comment

Reading a fascinating article entitled  Secrets of extreme savers, I was reminded once again that the word secret is often used to describe something that is not a secret. The word secret was used in this article in much the same way as the word is used in the titles of many best- selling books and in the marketing of various seminars and teaching programmes.

The article I read profiled 8 Super Savers who manage to save anything between 20% and 50% of their after tax incomes. By doing so they live free from the financial burdens that the majority of people struggle with and achieve financial freedom earlier than most people do. Because of these secrets, they are ring-fenced from future economic downturns and are effectively recession proof.

So, is this because they know secrets that no one else knows? No. When I read the 8 secrets I thought to myself – “That’s not a secret, it’s just common sense, everyone knows that” or ”– definately not a secret!”

But there may be a secret behind the secrets that once again are not a secret!

The reason why these 8 families are profiled for their success is because they have learnt to close the gap between “I should” and “I did”.

That’s the secret behind the secret if you can call it a secret!

If you want to know the 8 things that were listed as secrets then email me. One thing I’m certain of is that  you will probably  say to yourself: “Secrets? No way, I knew that!”

Wyn Jones


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