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During thousands of conversations over the last few decades, I have come across person after person, parent after parent, business person after business person who consistently admit that they need a Pedalion in their lives if they are to maintain their desired direction as they journey through life. Many wished they’d had a Pedalion in their lives many years ago so that they wouldn’t have been blown off course, or worse still shipwrecked, by the time they’d met us.

As you set out of from the harbour at the beginning of your life journey you probably didn’t plan to lose touch with certain special people in your life. Neither did you sit down and plan that one day you would have more debt than you could cope with. You didn’t chart a course that would be littered with broken or fractured relationships. The Boulevard you planned to walk down, relaxed, at the end of your journey wasn’t meant to be “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

So what’s gone wrong? The quote I use most often as an explanation for why we can’t look back on our lives with a little more satisfaction, or as a warning to those closer to the beginning of their journey, are the words of a 2000 year old Stoic philosopher. This is what he said:

“This is our predicament, over and over again we lose sight of what’s important and what isn’t.”(Epictetus).

The predicament identified thousands of years ago remains the predicament we all face 20 centuries later.

Partner with us and we will help you reorganize life around what is important.

Contact us to make an appointment. You’re never too far off course.

What happens if I make an appointment?

If you are considering partnering with us then your first meeting will be at our expense during which we will explain the benefits of partnering with Pedalion.

What happens next is up to you. You can…

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