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I came across a word that I hadn’t heard before the other day. It has a definition so I assume it can be found in modern day dictionaries!

Ideacide, n. The killing of an idea by person or persons in a corporate setting.”

I think ideacideis a condition that is found in many more places than merely corporate settings. It’s a condition you can spot in organizations large and small. In churches, families, clubs and societies.

Even though I hadn’t heard the word, I can certainly claim to have seen the effect of ideacide over the past couple of decades.

You can be in the company of people who are creative, inventive and innovative, in an the atmosphere that is buzzing with ideas and all you need is one person wired up to stifle such thinking to end up with ideacide!

Some people have the knack for “stifling imagination, innovation, and wacky out-of-box thinking.”

But where would we be without those “crazy” people and their “crazy thinking”? There is a good chance we would not be flying in airplanes, would not be reading this post on some electronic device and  would not have light in our homes at the flick of a switch.

Most of the inventions that make our life easier or more exiting was a “whacky idea” at one time.

History is littered with innovators  who hadn’t heard the word ideacide, but probably fought it anyway. Ideas people who didn’t allow the stiiflers and quashers of ideas to win the day.

I am regularly inspired by people who do the very thing that most people just shake their heads at, and make it a success! George Bernard Shaw knew the type! He famously said:

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

Why don’t you check out whether you have the tendency to commit ideacide by watching the following presentation put together by Youngme Moon:



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