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I remember listening over and over again to a talk that had been given by “a Toronto based business coach” to a gathering of thousands of financial advisers. It was back in the early 90’s when cars had cassette players!

The speaker was Dan Sullivan and the tape contained a wealth of wisdom and ideas that have influenced thousands of entrepreneurs over the past two decades. The tape content was life changing because it triggered off new ways of thinking about important issues and if these changes in thinking were followed up by a change in direction and then a change in action, the results were dramatic.

Ever since listening to that cassette tape, I have eagerly read and listened to anything I have come across by Dan Sullivan. There will be plenty of time for me to share the fruits of what I have learnt from Dan in future posts on this web site. But in the meantime I refer to one of the first things I remember hearing him say:

“The secret to dramatically increasing your productivity and your income lies in taking more free time away from your business”

This is so counterintuitive that many people shy away from doing it. However, taking ‘free’ time is a key concept taught on the Strategic Coach Programme. Intentially scheduling  free time creates opportunity to rejuvenate, reenergize and refresh – resulting in greater productivity and a better quality of life.

A great introduction to some of Dan’s thinking can be found in the book he has co-authoured with Catherine Nomura titled The Laws of Lifetime Growth.


Wyn Jones


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