Die Broke

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I remember being attracted to and buying a book in Barnes and Noble called ‘Die Broke’. It was a book that I couldn’t put down and one that I referred to for a long time afterwards. It remains on my book shelf and has been read by a number of clients too.

It attracted me initially because it challenged conventional thinking. In the world of finance, business and marketing I love that kind of book (for more thoughts on this read the blog Holiday Reading which will be up soon). The author advocates a fresh thinking on retirement – how to live more sensibly until you die and what to leave as an inheritance after you die.

Here are some of the reasons why I liked the book when I read it:

It drives a 2 ton lorry through the working life finishing line of 65!

Over 30 years ago I was being taught that the way we break life up into education, career and then retirement is crazy. So, any book that promotes new thinking on the myths surrounding the fairly modern and western idea that reaching a certain age sidelines you, is inevitably going to be a hit with me!

It puts an emphasis on living in line with the values that are important to you.

If climbing the corporate ladder means sacrificing family, friends and other important values then step off that ladder. Too many people have climbed it only to find it is leaning on the wrong wall.

It encourages us to take our eyes off leaving a large inheritance after we die and to enjoy what we have before we die even if we ‘Die Broke’.

It’s better to enjoy seeing money being put to good use during our lifetime than to leave a large inheritance.

I got the impression from reading this book that if we were to put the plan into practice we would live freer and more fulfilled lives. The chances of ending our time on earth with lots of regrets would be greatly reduced if we adopted some of the unconventional thinking promoted in this book.

Contact me if you want more detail or some guidance on how to start living more intentionally and unconventionally! You are unlikely to drift into a better way of living – it will require planning.

Click here to buy Die Broke on Amazon.


Wyn Jones


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