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We sometimes come across statements or hear people say things and one of the words that comes to mind is “bonkers”! There is a string of other words that could also come to mind that express the same thing e.g.

..crazy insane nuts mad mental weird wacky loopy bananas psycho loony silly screwy nutty berserk strange haywire wild lunatic deranged demented loco…….

Do one of those words surface in your mind when you read comments like this?

“I’m working so hard to live where we want to live that I don’t actually get to live there”

The statement would be funny if it wasn’t true of the experience of many! Getting into this position wasn’t an overnight happening or one that resulted from a conscious decision. I can’t imagine anyone sitting around their breakfast table with their family and agreeing that one of their lifetime objectives was captured in that statement!

No, this happens over time, a result of a small choice here and there. Losing sight of what’s important and what’s not. A trap we can all fall into.

You might not be able to align yourself with the experience expressed in that statement. But I’m sure that you are aware of how the unimportant has removed the important from your life.

The following statement that I heard someone say probably comes closer to home than the first one.

“I’m watching so much TV I don’t have time to ….”

How much more would I accomplish if TV viewing was reduced?

It doesn’t take long, if we chose to spend time thinking about these things, to identify where drifting from the important to the unimportant has taken place. Why don’t you fill the blanks in the following sentence? Or more scarringly, why don’t you ask a close member of your family or inner circle of friends to complete it for you?

“I’m ……………………………so much that I don’t have time to…………………………”

At the beginning of a classic Christmas film Elf! Father Christmas has to explain to Elf that his father is on the naughty list. He then explains why ..

“Listen, some people, they just Lose sight

Of what’s important in life.

That doesn’t mean they can’t find their way again, huh?”

The truth expressed here is that, yes, people can lose sight of what’s important in life, BUT that doesn’t mean they can’t find their way back again. If you need to know more of what part Pedalion plays in this then another blog to read is the one titled Redirecting Redefining Reassuring

My intention in this blog is to raise the issue of refocusing on the important again and not to have a telly bash! However that’s not going to keep me from ending with a quote that I read a few months ago that I found challenging!

“It’s a huge waste of your life to spend hrs watching shallow people live shallow lives on TV. You were made for so much more!”


Wyn Jones


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