“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? NOT MUCH.”


If I ever need to capture something in an impactful way then chances are Jim Rohn has a quote that does just that.

Rarely do I come across people who rubbish the idea of having a plan if they want to achieve something. However it’s one thing to recognize the importance of planning, it’s great to have good intentions about planning, it’s another thing entirely to create and implement a workable plan.

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I remember the time when many of the factories in the area of Wales where I grew up came under Japanese ownership and management. The new attitudes, methods and approach were nothing short of a huge shock to the local managers and workers! I remember having a conversation with one of the top executives at that time when he explained to me about the Japanese bosses’ visit to their factory . They had prepared thoroughly for their arrival and didn’t think there was much room for improvement. However, this was not the opinion of the visiting bosses! Their belief was that there was always room to improve.
That improvement might be very small but it was necessary. An improvement in quality, speed, process, safety, leadership or productivity – it didn’t matter what but it needed to happen!

Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks International and I have one thing in common. Our favourite drink at Starbucks is a ‘tall triple shot americano’.

Howard Behar has written a great book that anyone involved in leadership should read, it’s called:

“It’s not about the coffee – lessons on putting people first from a life at Starbucks”.

Bearing in mind that Pedalion is all about reorganizing life around what matters, I was stopped in my tracks when I read the following sentence in the book.


“Caring about people keeps you focused on what truly matters”

When I become the centre of my universe I loose perspective. Initially this is just a small shift, but unless my focus changes then the loss of perspective can be dramatic and damaging.

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Year on year

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happy ny

When does your year begin and when does it end? I hope that doesn’t sound like a daft question to you. I was prompted to think about this because I was trying to make sure that all my clients who take financial advice from me have made all the decisions they need to make before the “fiscal” year comes to an end.

I have other clients who have a different financial year on their minds, their accounting year.

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The power of a story.

I was reminded recently in a conversation with a friend over coffee, of how powerful story telling can be. After my friend left my thoughts went back to a  funeral I’d attended not that long ago. There were a number of things that stood out in my mind after I left the funeral. Here are just a few of the more important ones:

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Financial Independence

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Why do we get so wound up by the government tinkering with retirement dates? There are two definitions of Financial independence that I use when discussing this topic with anyone interested in achieving financial freedom.

Both definitions highlight the fact that financial independence is not in the control of the government but in the control of the individual!

“Financial independence is the ability to live from the income of your own personal resources.”

“Financial Independence – Having a sustainable, inflation-beating income that meets or exceeds your needs and requirements, lasts indefinitely and is derived passively. “

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Plan Your Dash

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I’ve just seen a poster that says:
“I’m going to make the rest of my life the best of my life”.
I tried to imagine what was going through the mind of the person who coined the quote. I think I see a person:
  • who is future focused.
  • who believes that he can carve out his future, not drift into it.
  • who may have had a past of bad memories and wants to see a change.
  • who may may have had a great past with wonderful memories but believes there is better ahead.
I see someone who could benefit from attending a 3 session course called Plan Your Dash. One hour a month for the next three months to learn how to start planning the rest of their life.
If this person is someone like you and you live close to Ammanford then the first hour starts at 6pm Sunday 23rd September at ammanfordchurch.com – Ammandford Church Building, Wind Street, Ammanford. SA18 3DR.



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“My father’s death made me realise that there was no such thing as a comfort zone any more and that I should really pursue my dreams while I still had time.”

These are the words of, founder of Coffee Republic. She is one of a number of people who contributed to an article on things my mentor taught me’ published in the Financial Times. Although she refers to her father’s death as the turning point that led her to leave a safe career as a lawyer to pursue bigger dreams, it is her mother she regards as her mentor.

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I once made a statement that my family to this day won’t allow me to forget and won’t accept either that the words were taken out of context! It was while we were walking away from the Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower in Tokyo that I said something like “… and that was probably the best day of my life.”
Once I’d uttered those words I believe it was my elder daughter who jumped in first with the comment – ‘Oh yes Dad, better than your wedding day? Better than the day your children were born?’

Mentors: Jim Rohn

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Without a doubt I can pinpoint significant events or times in my life that are defining moments or turning points. One of the tests I have for using the label Defining Moment for an encounter with someone, a book read or a CD listened to is the answer to the question – Has it stood the test of time?