About Me

It’s never easy to describe yourself! Where do you start? Aren’t you expressing a biased opinion? Shouldn’t you let others do the describing? Like it or not I have to start somewhere.

So, do I start by declaring that I’m a happily married man whose wife of 30 years, Angharad, wishes my mind had an off-switch on it! Do I indicate the age bracket that I fall into by announcing that I’ve experienced the joy of seeing my second grandchild just a few months ago?

How about:
Wyn – father of two boys and two girls? Or: Wyn – unemployable for the last 30 years. Or simply: Wyn – an optimistic introvert determined to achieve more of his potential on a daily basis for the next 30 years?

The truth is there is too much to include in a brief summary like this so I hope that a bigger picture of “Wyn Pedalion” will develop in your mind as you read more of what I have to write about, hear more of what I have to say and learn more of what I have to teach. I hope that the person “Wyn Pedalion” will become a bigger part of your life as we interact in various ways in our goal of focusing in more and more on what’s most important to you.

  • Married for 30 years to Angharad.
  • Father of Aled, Heledd, Tomos and Sioned.
  • Business owner for over 25 years.
  • Founding Director of Pedalion.
  • Director of IFA Ltd.
  • Founder member of 2plan Wealth Management.
  • Life and Qualifying member of MDRT (The premier association of financial professionals).
  • Participant in the Strategic Coach Masters Programme.
  • Creator of “The Three Circles programme”.
  • Founder member of the Institute of Financial Planning.


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