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I like getting light bulb moments! A light bulb moment is when you get a sudden realization about something and you are left with a better understanding of a situation that was not clear to you before. These moments can also be “liberating moments”. I remember experiencing such a moment when my Kolbe result was explained to me. Let me explain.

Occasionally I have found myself in certain situations or on particular committees that have drained me of energy, have frustrated me beyond belief and have made me feel uncomfortable and out of place. This usually happened when people started focusing on detail, spending what seemed to me hours discussing ‘trivia’ – comparing figures and estimates or even discussing the size, colour and amount of chippings needed!!

My Kolbe result clearly indicated that I was a big picture person and that detail was a definite ‘No No’ for me! Knowing this has helped me understand myself, allowing me the freedom to concentrate on developing my strengths. It has also given me a greater appreciation of how other people are wired up.  I now intentionally set out to discover the type of client I am dealing with-is this someone who requires detail or is this a big picture person?  Will he or she want to know how and why I come to my conclusions, poring over detail or only want to know what the conclusions are, no matter how I reached them!

If you want to focus on developing your strengths spending more and more of your time working in your unique ability zone, then knowing your Kolbe is essential. The cost of getting a report is well worth it. Don’t delay. Follow this link and click on the Kolbe A index.

Wyn Jones


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