A Frasier Moment

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‘Frasier Moments’

During a talk I gave on ‘Building a Legacy’, I introduced the term ‘a Frasier moment’ to describe a moment or an event that, if used positively, can become a defining moment in life.

I coined this term after watching an episode of Frasier from Series 7 called The Late Dr. Crane


In this episode, Frasier finds himself confronted with an announcement that he has died and ends up reading his own obituary! It is a very funny episode and this particular incident is especially so.

As Frasier reads his obituary he begins to reflect on everything that he’d hoped to have accomplished during his lifetime and he finds himself a little surprised at how he is described in the obituary! Regrets immediately begin to form in his mind until he is quickly reminded by his assistant Roz that he is not actually dead and that he still has time to alter the course of his life and thus end it with fewer regrets.

Being confronted by one’s own death is a sobering moment and most of us, hopefully, will go through life without ever having the experience.  However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that engineering such an event and working through the consequences of looking back over life from its end can alter life direction and help a person to re-evaluate priorities before it’s too late.

Examples of this engineering process can be found in many books and personal development programmes.

• One of the habits S Covey regards as one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to ‘begin with the end in mind’.
• In his great book The E-myth Revisited,  Michael Gerber goes so far as to get the reader to imagine sitting in his own funeral listening to what those who mourn his passing are saying about him!
• Dan Sullivan has a powerful exercise for the participants of his Strategic Coach Programme called ‘Absolutely Unacceptable Regrets’. The starting point is answering the question: “At the end, what would be the 5 regrets that you absolutely don’t want to have about your life?”

I encourage you to carve out some time from your schedule to look back on your life from a future point – be that 10 years from now or from a ‘Frasier moment’. This kind of reflection is foundational to us atPedalion when we work on creating ‘A plan for life….and beyond’.

Pedalion – Reflecting. Refocusing. Realigning.




Wyn Jones


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