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Why do we spend so much time agreeing definitions at Pedalion? Why bother with the term Redefine? The  definition of definition is:

“a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol“.

What happens over time is that definitions become less concise or less precise. So two people can use the same word, but the word has a completely different meaning for each person. This can lead to meaningless conversations becoming or may cause unnecessary misunderstandings because although the same term is used, different meanings are attached. Therefore, for a meaningful discussion, it is important to agree on the meaning of key words or terms. However there comes a time when certain words need redefining. Their use has changed over time so the old association with a word needs to be broken. The pictures painted at the mention of the word need changing. At Pedalion, some of the words we redefine include Balance, Retirement, Wealth, Work etc. When we redefine the word balance in the context of life/work balance our clients can think and act differently and not feel pressured and guilty by the way it was previously defined. When Retirement is redefined and explained differently you can see pressure lift and a more relaxed and chilled way of thinking and planning descends on our clients! A big part of our work is to help people see situations in a different light in order that they can become more fulfilled and increase their chance of achieving their potential. Redefining is part of that process.

Wyn Jones


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