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When does your year begin and when does it end? I hope that doesn’t sound like a daft question to you. I was prompted to think about this because I was trying to make sure that all my clients who take financial advice from me have made all the decisions they need to make before the “fiscal” year comes to an end.

I have other clients who have a different financial year on their minds, their accounting year.

Others of you don’t think of fiscal years but academic years! Your years revolve around term dates. Although I have 4 children I have never been able to think in academic years, probably put off by the term academic!!

Others of you see your years as being aligned with your birthday! Another year has gone by in your thinking when you celebrate your next birthday.

For others, your year doesn’t start or end because of fiscal reasons, academic terms or dreaded birthdays but quite simply from January to December!

The reason why a start or an end to a year is important to many of us is that it crystallizes certain things. At this time of year, when a fiscal year comes to an end and a new one begins the need to attend to some financial matters is crystalized. Deadlines appear and opportunities if not taken now will be lost forever.

So, does it take a specific year, a calendar year, a birthday year, a fiscal year or an academic year to make you focus on something that needs to be sorted?

I have concluded that although there are these “labeled” years that we are all familiar with and have their purpose in reminding us of things or prompting us to action, I should make more of an effort to remember that every day is the beginning of another year and also the end of a year.

When Michael Shannon the actor was asked what his new year resolution for 2011 was, he replied,

“I’ve never really done resolutions. Every day is a new year for me!”

That’s a great answer and I hope you can adopt the same thinking, every day is a new year for me!. Perhaps we should wish each other a Happy New Year at the beginning of every day.


Wyn Jones


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